Surface Water Runoff Treatment – Commercial

Application: Surface Water Runoff Treatment

Date: 2008

Location: North Ayrshire

Site: Commercial Waste Management Facility

Capacity: Areas drained are approx. 0.80 ha of yards and 0.20 ha of roofs

System: Silt traps (various types) followed by a 700 m2 retention pond

The pond was designed specifically to treat surface water runoff from a large concrete yard.  The yard has lots of heavy traffic movements daily and contamination with soil particles is significant.  The treatment capacity, safety, biodiversity and amenity value of the pond are all enhanced by a wide margin around the pond which is planted with reeds.

This type of surface water runoff treatment system is suited to sites where the treatment of runoff is required to protect the quality of a nearby watercourse.  The system provides the added and inherently designed benefits of flood alleviation by attenuating the runoff and habitat creation for wildlife.

Services Delivered:
Site investigation / SEPA consultation / Detailed design / Tender administration / Project management / Contractor liaison / Installation works inspection / Supply & planting of reeds / Commissioning