Sewage Treatment – 1 House

Application: Sewage Treatment

Date: 2016

Location: South Lanarkshire

Site: 1 No Private Dwelling

Capacity: 6 persons

System: An ‘ASP’ package sewage treatment plant followed by an ‘Ecoflo’ tertiary treatment and soakaway tank

The system installed was the first of its type in the UK.  The ‘ASP’ package sewage plant has an integral submersible pump fitted on the outlet removing the need for a separate pumping chamber.  The ‘Ecoflo’ tank acts not just as a tertiary (polishing) treatment tank but also as a mound soakaway.  The system is designed to meet very stringent effluent quality standards and safely disperse treated sewage water into the ground.

 This type of sewage treatment system is suited to sites with low porosity soils (clays), with high water tables, with no watercourse nearby or with limited available land.

Services Delivered:
Site investigation / Detailed design for planning & warrant applications / SEPA application / Supply of sewage tanks / Installation works inspection / Commissioning