Sewage Treatment – 6 Houses

Application: Sewage Treatment

Date: 2008

Location: South Ayrshire

Site: 6 No Private Dwellings

Capacity: 36 persons

System: Septic tanks (x2) and a package pumping station followed by a reedbed

The system is installed either side of a watercourse which divides the site.  The septic tanks and reedbed (horizontal flow type) provide for passive treatment of the sewage and are all landscaped into the communal amenity areas of the development.  The reedbed also provides habitat for birds, amphibians and insects.  The system is designed to meet good effluent quality standards and safely disperse treated sewage water into the adjacent watercourse.

This type of sewage treatment system is suited to sites in remote locations and sites with no electric power, with low porosity soils (clays) and where passive treatment and/or habitat is desired.

Services Delivered:
Site investigation / Detailed design for planning & warrant applications / SEPA application / Supply of sewage tanks / Installation works inspection / Supply & planting of reeds / Commissioning / Servicing & maintenance